About us

See, smell, taste and touch the culture and the habits in Italy!

Do-Nation finds, selects and tests a wide range of unique experiences in Italy to ensure you will get the best out of your Italian vacation.                Whether you are a first time traveler, a repeat traveler or a seasoned globe trotter looking for anything from guided sightseeing tours, cooking courses or an unforgettable adventure you will find what you are looking for on DO-Nation.com!

Our Beliefs
We firmly believe that traveling is a great chance of personal growth. Getting to know and understand other cultures and traditions through the sharing of experiences and ideas can lead to a more responsible, open minded and human approach to the world in which we live, thus helping each and every one of us to realize that differences are opportunities rather then obstacles and barriers.

We call our selection of tours and activities "experiences" because we think that this word better reflects our ideals... the desire to spark emotions among travelers and operators and to challenge people to think about the world we inhabit. But above all, we hope that together we can help make a difference in children's lives by supporting the projects nominated through your donations.

What does DO-Nation mean?
As you have probably already guessed the term DO-Nation has a double meaning.

DO-Nation is a community of travelers who like "doing-things" but that also actively want to "do-something" useful for our world. The trick is that by doing something that you find pleasurable you will also be doing something for those who need your help because "DO-Nation" will make a 'donation' of a percentage of the profits made from your booking to a children focused project of your choice... and there are no hidden extra costs.

So join us on DO-Nation and help make a difference!