DO-Nation & donations!
We like to imagine a world where communications are easy, where difference in culture is fun and where the base for all interactions is tolerance and appreciation. And we want to contribute in shaping such a world!

We are constantly looking for and uploading new, interesting and unique experiences both in main destinations and in remote areas, to offer our travelers the chance to meet the locals and better understand Italy and its culture.

For each experience you book with us, we contribute with donations to children support programs, to help shape a better world!  This is why we started DO-Nation! 

The more you book, the more we contribute!

How it works
  • DO-Nation selects 2 social projects to support.
  • You book at DO-Nation and select one of the donation beneficiaries we selected.
  • DO-Nation destines a percentage of its proceeds to the selected projects.
  • Suppliers who want to donate a portion of their revenue to one or both the proposed projects will be highlighted as “contributing suppliers”.
  •  If you want to donate without booking you can do so at anytime.
  • Nominated projects will change as we achieve the target we have set for each project. 
Selection Criteria
  • No political involvement.
  • No religion preference. (We know that many social projects are run by religious associations and any eventual choice of any such organizations as a project does not imply DO-Nation’s preference or involvement in that specific religion).
  • We accurately check the reliability of project team and / or association.
  • We apply a “small and effective” help approach giving preference to projects that can be realized in the short term so that more children in more countries will benefit from our support.


Macchina dei Sogni - A non-profit association offering compulsory and vocational education to abandoned children of La Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It also offers vocational training to adults who need to improve their skills to find a job. 

DO-Nation for Macchina dei Sogni: We will provide tools and materials for the project "Giovani al Lavoro" (Youth learning a job).

The project started in 2009, with the participation of the La Plata Administration, with the goal of teaching a profession to the youth of the area. During the two years of Electricity Technician course, students will learn the job and train within the Association and the neighborhood, organized in work groups. At the end of the course, students will obtain a Professional Diploma of Electricity Technician and have access to more work opportunities.


Daniele Amanti Fund -  Part of the Parent Project Foundation,  this fund's objective is finding a cure for a rare disease such as the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This involves a great amount of investment on research.

DO-Nation for Daniele Amanti Fund: Due to the great investments required for research, DO-Nation is not setting a specific amount to be reached within one year. We will donate as much as we will be able to gather through your selection of this specific project at the end of the year.

If you would like to suggest a new project or have questions on those already proposed on, feel free to contact us via email at